Namasté, I am Cedric!

Film Director, Yoga Teacher, Human.

Yuneec / Commercial (Brand Film Director's Cut)
Zeitung kann mehr / Kinospot
BMW Motorrad / YouTube Series
Chio Chips / Commercial
MTVmobile / Commercial
Nivea • Ergo • BMW • Lufthansa LSG • Yonex • Yunneec • MTVmobile • Sparkasse • Conti-Tech • RTL • Deutsche Krankenversicherung DKV • Kölln Haferflocken • • Viva Con Aqua • TV Doo • ECE • Xing • St. Pauli • Karstadt • Unger Fashion • San Yuan • • MOG/ThyssenKrupp • Asiahung  • KTG  • Gentleman • Kool Savas • Olli Banjo • and more..

What I love? Searching for good ideas and transforming them into stories that move you. And what I do as a director?  I bring these stories to life. My strength is being creative and getting things done.

In 2010, during my studies in communication design, I co-founded my first company called “redpinata”, a film production company for corporate and commercial videos. At redpinata I worked as a director, creative lead and head of the post-production department of 15+ people.
I am a curious person, asking many questions about the economy, about our society, about life and spirituality. So in 2016 I founded A platform for decentralised and structurally independent journalism. After 6 Month of intense research, market tests, dozens of iterations and a lot of night shifts; it turned out: the market isn't ready – yet.

I love to travel. At some point, life took me to India where I discovered my passion for Yoga and Meditation. This is since my base. 

Today I do what I do the best: bringing ideas to life and inspiring people.
As a Writer, Creative, Entrepreneur, Yoga teacher.
And Director.
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